Add these cosmetic products to your shopping list and wear them in 2018!

2017 was really an amazing year. And we are not just talking about the promotional special offers…we are talking about hundreds of new Melkior cosmetic products that you can find in Melkior shops and online.
Let’s recall some of them, put them on your shopping list and wear them in 2018! You can choose from amazing eyeshadows, powders, classic nail lacquers or soak-off gel nail polish, matte lipsticks, make-up brushes, mascara or false eyelashes…


Last year Melkior launched the amazing Matte Stain Melkior – a fabulous liquid matte lipstick. You can choose between bold shades and nude shades: Gentle, Serene, Wild, Crazy, Taboo, Adorable, Sexy, Happy, Joy, Ecstasy, Daring, Faithfully.


When it comes to lips makeup, we have to take into consideration the color of the lipstick, its texture and, last but not least, the shape of the lips. It doesn’t matter you have thin, thick or asymmetrical lips… it is important to wear a lipstick that matches your skin tone and hair color, perfect chosen for daytime wear or an evening intense make-up, highly pigmented to give volume and charm to your smile.
Completing the collection, Melkior created in 2017 another 4 beautiful Lip Pen shades: Dahlia, Smiley, Lollipop, Oriental Nights and 5 classical lipstick shades: Amour, Delicious, Ginger Spice, Toffee. As for the lip contour you have to choose from the new lip liner shades: Cherry, Plum, Maroon.


Do you know what to use for special occasions make-up and important events in your life? The new Glitter eyeshadows Topaz, Emerald Soul, Magic, Pink Emotion, Crystal Eyes are perfect! and don’t forget about the fabulous Loose powder eyeshadows in seductive shades that give extreme shine and reflect light from any angle: Chameleon, Silver, Glowing Brown, Glowing Blue, Glowing Pink, Glowing Green.
Soul Dancing Divas Collection was created especially for optimistic, full of life persons that love music and dance and have fun! It brings the 80’make-up glow. You can choose to wear Pearly eyeshadows: Soul Diva, Dancing Diva, Berry or iridescent blush powder: Shine & Smile, Joyfully, Sunshine.
Melkior brings in 2017 new shades of Pearly eyeshadows, with a highly pigmented and creamy texture that assures high coverage and resistance. They are available in box with mirror and in refill in transparent blister: Only You, Magnetic, Believe In, Cool Night.
Do you know how to combine the colors for your eyes makeup? What do you do when you want to create special effects on your eyelids or to give intensity to your look? For a complete and successful makeup, the best advice is not to limit yourself to a single eyeshadow shade, but to choose a palette rich in shades that go along with the color of your eyes. Melkior has created the eyeshadow palette suitable for your eyes: 6 eyeshadow palette for green eyes, 6 eyeshadow palette for blue eyes, 6 eyeshadow palette for brown eyes.


Everyone knows how important the eyebrows are for the expressiveness of our face. We laugh, we get sad, we raise an eyebrow and we wonder … All these emotions are clearly shown on our face. That’s why we always have to take care for our eyebrows, brush them, give them the right shape that goes perfectly to our eyes, we dye them and correct them. Melkior created the WOWbrow eyebrow mascara, that gives volume, has a light texture that does not fades and applies easy. It’s also very resistant (lasts up to 12 hours).


Wear Melkior and you will be irresistible! In 2018 too! We will give you plenty of reasons why you should feel beautiful by wearing professional cosmetic products from Melkior.