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Melkior Blush Powder

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The Blush

Before contour palettes and bronzer, there was blush, and we’re reinstating these pretty pigments as a must-have for your glam bag this season. Providing cheeks with a subtle, flattering flush, these powdery hues come in variety of vivid shades that illuminate skin with airy strokes and are guaranteed not to clog pores.


Avoiding overly rouged cheeks begins with the brush. After swiping your brush along your desired powder blush color, tap the excess off the brush before applying to the face. Start there and if you want more you can add more, but it’s easier to add than wipe off too much blush! When it’s time to actually apply product, apply blush to the apples of the cheeks as well as the temples, as this is flattering on all face shapes. We like to apply blush on the apples and the temples—the apples of the cheeks for a flush of color, and the temples to add slight dimension and tie in the cheek color. Add more color and blend if needed.


  • Clinically tested.
  • Number of applications:180
  • Soft and silky texture, easy to spread and apply.
  • Excellent compatibility with the skin.
  • High pigmented and soft texture.

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Blush powder


Melkior ‘ s Story📖
True friend share secrets, dreams and ambitions. Two Frenchmen, Eric, a manager who always strives for perfection and Alexandre, who is extremely passionate about Marketing and design, have traveled around the world with one goal, To find out what is truly important to a woman when it comes to beauty products and what it is that makes a woman feel confident, glamorous and happy. That was their desire, and through this, Melkior was born.
With over 15 years experience in the beauty industry, Alexandre and Eric wanted to give woman of all ages the opportunity to feel luxurious and special by offering top quality beauty products. Using only the best ingredients and formulas available, these products are on trend and accessible to every woman who has the desire to be glamorous.
Melkior is a brand new range of cosmetic products that every woman can afford. It was designed for all woman who want to feel beautiful and alluring. Its about celebrating and elevating your natural beauty. A woman who wears Melkior will be able to define and enhance their features, and by doing so she will feel sexy,confident and ready to take on the world. Melkior shares a woman’s passions and beliefs. If you want to be flawless and irresistible, wear Melkior.


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