No doubt, some Girlsgot it goin’ on when it comes to sensuous lips. And when you’ve been blessed with a beautiful bouche, you owe it to the world to show it off, girl, show it off? Pucker up those luscious babies and get ready to kiss and tell all because these six tips for sexy lips are cer-tainly worth sharing:

LIP TIP 1: Condition your kissers.

The skin on your lips is very thin and prone to dryness, peeling and crack­ing. Keep your lips soft and supple by moisturizing them with non-med­icated balms containing conditioners like aloe vera, vitamins A and E, and cocoa butter.

LIP TIP 2: Scrub those smoochers.

Regular exfoliation benefits lips by removing dead skin cells and allow­ing moisture to penetrate quickly and deeply. To exfoliate, try this simple overnight method: Lather lips with petroleum jelly, then gently scrub them with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Rinse with warm water, rub on another layer of petroleum jelly, then hit the sheets.

LIP TIP 3: Get a pouty mouth

If you didn’t inherit the voluptuous lips that are so in vogue, here’s how to fake fuller lips: First, choose a lip liner pen­cil that matches your lipstick color. Take the liner and carefully line your lips just outside your natural lip line. It may take a few practice runs before you perfect the technique. Keep the artificial line as close to the real lip line as possible, otherwise little kids will approach you and ask you to make balloon animals for them. Fill in lips with the liner, apply lipstick and voila! You have va-va-voom lips.

LIP TIP 4: Glitz up your lips.

Don’t be scared to give your lips some drama. Paint clear lip gloss over lipstick, especially a bold red, to boost color and boast a sultry smile. Dab shim­mery eye shadow, body glitter or lip gloss on the center of the lower lip to give your mouth that extra pop. Or cover bare lips with clear gloss to rock that naturally sexy look.

LIP TIP 5: Be shady.

The only rule to choosing lip color is this: Make sure you like it. That’s it. But, if you must have guidelines: Nudes, beiges, light corals and pinks and sheer formulas tend to flatter light skin tones. Deep­er pinks, lighter browns and all shades of red work well with medi­um-toned skin. And for dark-skinned Sisters, the sky is the limit. Plums, browns, reds, oranges and pastels all complement darker complexions.

LIP TIP 6 Master a few tricks.

You don’t need be a makeup artist to turn your mouth into a masterpiece. Tap into your inner Picasso with these crafty tricks: Got stuck with a yucky color? Blend it with another color for a chic new shade. Have two-tone syn­drome (one lip darker than the other)? Cover the lighter lip with foundation to even out tone, then apply lipstick to both lips. Want lipstick color to last? Use a lip liner pencil as a base coat, then apply lip color. Color too bright? Coat lipstick with a darker lip gloss to tone it down.


Ready to party!